The motivation of my research is the geological characterisation of the subsurface by means of the reflection seismic method. My experience in reflection seismics involves active participation in all stages: acquisition, processing and interpretation. My research focuses in three main interrelated topics:

1. Reflection seismics is the most powerful geophysical tool for the characterisation of geological reservoirs. I use this method to reveal relevant information on the depth, extension and integrity of the reservoir, seal and caprock, faults and other subsurface structures to characterise CO2 geological storage sites.

2. The power of the reflection seismic method increases greatly when combined with other geophysical/geological methods. In particular, I am interested in the combination of seismics with magnetotellurics, gravity, wireline log and surface/regional geology to obtain as much information of the subsurface as possible.

3. The use of different datasets and interpretations made me also think about the importance of uncertainty in seismics and geosciences in general. I am interested in its impact in all aspects, from the uncertainty associated to the data to the uncertainty generated during interpretation due to cognitive bias of the interpreters.