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Current position

01/20 to present, Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Fellow at Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera ICTJA-CSIC.

University degrees

Ph.D. in Earth Sciences with International Mention 2014, University of Barcelona, Spain. Qualification: Excellent Cum Laude.

M.Sc. in Geophysics 2011, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. (Duration: 1 year; average mark: 7,6/10).

B.Sc. in Geology 2009, University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain, Departament of Geology. (Duration: 5 years).

Main scientific production

Alcalde, J., Heinemann, N., Mabon, L., Worden, R.H., de Coninck, H., Robertson, H., Maver, M., Ghanbari, S., Swennenhuis, F., Mann, I., Walker, T., Gomersal, S., Bond, C.E., Allen, M.J., Haszeldine, R.S., James, A., Mackay, E.J., Brownsort, P.A., Faulkner, D.R., and Murphy, S. (2019). Acorn: Developing Full-chain Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage in a Resource-and Infrastructure-Rich Hydrocarbon ProvinceJournal of Cleaner Production, volume 233, pages 963-971.

Alcalde, J., Flude, S., Wilkinson, M., Johnson, G., Edlmann, K., Bond, C.E., Scott, V., Gilfillan, S.M.V., Ogaya, X., and Haszeldine, R.S. 2018. Quantifying geological CO2 storage security to deliver on climate mitigation. Nature Communications, volume 9, Article number: 2201

Alcalde, J., Bond, C.E., Johnson, G., Cooper, M.A., Butler, R.W.H. and Ellis, J.F. 2017. The importance of structural model availability on seismic interpretation. Journal of Structural Geology, 97.

Alcalde, J., Marzán, I., Saura, E., Martí, D., Ayarza, P., Juhlin, C., Pérez-Estaún, A., and Carbonell, R. 2014. 3D geological characterization of the Hontomin CO2 storage site, Spain: multidisciplinary approach from seismics, well-logging and regional data. Tectonophysics 627, pp. 6-25.DOI: 10.1016/j.tecto.2014.04.025

Ayarza, P., Carbonell, R., Teixell, A., Palomeras, I., Martí, D., Kchikach, A., Harnafi, M., Levander, A., Gallart, J., Arboleya, M.L., Alcalde, J., Charroud, M., and Amrhar, M. 2014.  Crustal thickness and velocity structure across the Moroccan Atlas from long offset wide-angle seismic reflection data: the SIMA experiment. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 15, pp. 1-20.  DOI: 10.1002/2013GC005164

Previous positions

02/19 to 12/19, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera ICTJA-CSIC, project title: ‘SIT4ME – Seismic Imaging Techniques for Mineral Exploration’.

10/18 to 12/18, Geophysicist at Lithica SCCL.

10/17 to 09/18, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Aberdeen, project title: ‘ACORN CCS Project’

07/2017, Geophysicist consultant at GMS Internacional.

03/17 to 09/17, Honorary Researcher at University of Aberdeen.

03/15 to 02/2017, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Aberdeen, project title: ‘Improving Interpretation Outcomes: quantifying biases and designing workflows for better seismic interpretation’ and ‘Work stream on Perception and Communication of Risk and Uncertainty’.

11/13 to 02/15, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Edinburgh, project title: ‘CO₂ storage in Palaeogene and Neogene hydrogeological systems of the North Sea: preparation of an IODP scientific drilling bid’. Primary teacher in post-graduate course: ‘Seismic Reflection Interpretation’ (level 11 – 10 credits).

09/11 to 07/14, Ph.D. student, at Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera ICTJA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain), Thesis title: Thesis title: 3D Seismic imaging and geological modeling of the Hontomín CO2 storage site.

11/09 to 11/13, CO2 Geological Storage Technician, CIUDEN Foundation (Ponferrada, Spain): 3D Seismic data processing, characterization and interpretation, drilling assistance, VSP survey design and acquisition, elaboration of technical reports.

02/09 to 11/09, Land surveyor/permit man, CGGVeritas Spain (Extensión Técnica): Participation, quality control and logistic support, elaboration of technical reports.

Student supervision


2018-2021 – Student: Xiaolong Sun; thesis title: “Prediction of structural damage, fracture cementation and fluid flow in folds associated with thrusts: application to CO2 storage and hydrocarbon reservoirs”. Universitat de Barcelona.



2020 – Student: Babak Noghretab; thesis title: “Multi-scale fracture pattern analysis around the Mena de la Sal diapir (Basque-Cantabrian Basin): implications for regional strain and fluid flow”. Máster: Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, Universitat de Barcelona.

2020 – Student: Mahdi Bakhtbidar; thesis title: “Screening and ranking of suitable CO2 storage sites in Spain”. Máster: Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, Universitat de Barcelona.

2020 – Student: Jimmy Cunduri; thesis title: “Seismic attribute analysis in deep reflection seismic images”. Máster: Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, Universitat de Barcelona.

2019 – Student: Murugadoss Kapeerdoss; thesis title: “Seismic characterization & geodynamic significance of the mid-crustal discontinuity across the Variscan Iberia”. Máster: Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, Universitat de Barcelona.

2018 – Student: Murugadoss Kapeerdoss; thesis title: “Are historic abandonment practices in the North Sea suitable for the geological storage of CO2? – A case study in the Mey Sandstone Member”. Máster: Oil and Gas Enterprise Management, Universidad de Aberdeen (Reino Unido).

2018 – Student: Iván Hernández-Sancen; thesis title: “Attribute Analysis of East Mey: Reservoir Characterization of a CO2 Storage site in the North Sea”. Máster: Integrated Petroleum Geoscience, Universidad de Aberdeen (Reino Unido).

2018 – Student: Ross Kingsley; thesis title: “Investigating fracture systems affected by salt diapirs: the Mena Diapir (North of Spain)”. Máster: Integrated Petroleum Geoscience, Universidad de Aberdeen (Reino Unido).

Teaching experience

11/19 Invited lecturer in the courses «Reflection Seismic Processing» and «Reservoir Geophysics» in the Master of Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

07/18 Invited lecturer in the Summer Instiute «Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth. ISAPP – International School on AstroParticle Physics, Ferrara, Italia.

04/18 Assistant instructor in the course Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data. Level 3 (7.5 ECTS). University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

03/16 Fieldwork instructor in the course 3rd Year Surface and Subsurface Digital Imaging. (7.5 ECTS). University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

09/14 Primary teacher in post-graduate course: Seismic Reflection Interpretation. Level 11 (10 credits). University of Edinburgh, UK.

09/14 Practical instructor in Helmsdale 3rd Year Field Excursion and Interpretation Exercise. Level 9 (10 credits). University of Edinburgh, UK.

07/13, Primary teacher in Summer School course: Surface and subsurface monitoring of a CO2 storage site: theory and practice. Summer school in CCS, University of León, Spain.

05/11, Invited lecturer in MSc course, lecture title: Caracterización Sísmica 3D del laboratorio de investigación para el Almacenamiento Geológico de CO2. Hontomín (Burgos). MSc lecture, University of Salamanca, Spain.

Language proficiency

Language Speaking Reading Writing
Spanish Native Native Native
English Advanced Advanced Advanced
French Basic Intermediate Basic
Catalan Intermediate Advanced Basic